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KOOKA, Your Runway Toward Success

It brings all the benefits of a seated transfer carrier to a product for standing passengers.


  • Convenient for landing, storage, and shipping, with the smallest footprint of any rigid basket or device.
  • Simple maintenance schedule, reduced maintenance downtime.
  • Secure passenger positioning with added security from vertical safety restraints.
  • Buoyant and self-righting in case of immersion.
  • Easy MedEvac mode: slide-in stretcher, in case of immersion the casualty remains above the waterline.
  • Rapid entry and exit from clear access points.
  • Ideal for low volume routine crew transfers, medical evacuations and as part of a contingency plan.

Reflex Marie --- Your Expert In Marine Crew Transfer


Helping offshore workers return home safely is our driving concern. Since 1992, we’ve significantly improved the protection of offshore personnel. The FROG transfer carrier is an industry benchmark, with Reflex Marine widely recognised as a global leader in offshore access. We’re deeply proud of our track record and contribution to raising standards.


Reflex Marine aim to make safe access possible in even the most demanding climates and conditions. Our integrated approach will help you assess your risks, develop operating strategies and implement best practice. You’ll also be supported with training and servicing.


We’re committed to innovation and collaborate with a range of industry partners, including asset operators, lifting specialists, vessel operators and regulators. We’ve led many joint industry initiatives promoting safe access and improved emergency provisions. In partnership, we’ve created the 10 Golden Rules for crane transfer operations and established the global Marine Transfer Forum. We’ve also won industry awards for our designs including the LEEA Safety Awards for the STORM-WORK work basket; and been nominated for several awards, including the Offshore Achievement Safety Innovations Award and the World Oil Award. Industry leaders including BP, Shell, Chevron, Transocean and ConocoPhillips use our crane transfer carriers in many regions, from the Arctic to the tropics.


The original FROG was pioneered over 25 years ago. Since then, we’ve launched the FROG-XT range: revolutionary carriers that are employed globally. The WAVE-4, and our latest design the FROG-XT2, draw on three decades of expertise to offer an innovative low volume solutions for passenger transfer offshore.


The widespread success of our products has transformed the industry’s view of marine transfer. With an unparalleled safety record, our carriers are involved in over one million safe personnel transfers around the world every year.

Worldwide Crew Transfer Device Records

  • Designed for the most extreme scenarios and offering advanced passenger protection, the FROG-XT represents a revolution in crane transfer.
  • A range of capacities (2, 4, 6 and 10-person) to suit your operation.
  • Spring and hydraulic damping system, and shock absorbing seats mitigate heavy vertical impacts.
  • Stainless steel frame and polyethylene buoyancy panels provide protection against side impacts.
  • Easy-use harnesses protect against falling, reinforced to minimize the risk of tangled straps.
  • Ergonomically designed seating and spatial layout for passenger comfort and security.
  • Rapid change to MedEvac mode allows for quick evacuation of a casualty.
  • Standardised components across the range for simple ordering.
  • Eye-level rigging connection for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Weld free load path and easy to change out components, adding to the benefits of the simple inspection and maintenance schedule.
Working at height over water has added risks compared to working on land, however similar equipment is often used. Reflex Marine applied its 25 years’ experience of ergonomic design and marine safety to improving the safety of working at height. We identified the key risks in work basket design for the offshore industry (crushing & trapping, snagging, lateral impacts and immersion) and created an innovative work basket which prevents these.
By using the STORM-WORK our clients can benefit from:
  • Safe working zone area protecting your workers from injury.
  • Anti-snagging features reducing risk of incidents such as dangerous hang up on asset structures.
  • Soft touch and soft landing features protecting your workers and assets from hard landings or collisions.
  • Small footprint and lightweight design for easier manoeuvring and storage.
  • Simple maintenance procedures, easily replaceable components and a long product lifespan.
  • Immersion protection: in the worst case of immersion in water, the flotation and self-righting allows workers to escape to a safe position.
STORM-WORK is a work basket that provides you with an ergonomic work space for safely carrying out a wide range of tasks such as inspections, painting and repair work.
    STORM-Pro is an innovative cargo container designed to address the main challenges of handling cargo in open water, in various offshore environments.
    STORM-Pro is a very lightweight container that uses modern high strength composite materials and elastomeric elements that can safely disperse impact energy without damage to adjacent assets. It also offers a high-ratio payload that improves vessel transit speeds and fuel/power efficiency.


    Some of the main features of STORM-Pro that your operations can benefit from:


    • Lightweight yet robust
    • Soft touch features protect your assets in case of collision
    • High-ratio payload improving vessel transit speeds
    • Simple maintenance procedures, easily replaceable components
    • Long product lifespan
    • Modular design allows us to deliver the size ideally suited to your requirements


      Reflex Marine’s standard FROG-XT transfer carriers convert to accommodate a stretcher and have a proven field track record in assisting with medical emergencies around the world.  
      In response to demand from the marine industry, we now offer a purpose designed FROG-XT Marine Ambulance.


      The device is designed to help operators prepare for major emergencies requiring mass-evacuation of casualties. The main characteristics of this MedEvac unit are: 


      • Capacity for up to 10 stretchers with two additional positions for paramedics.
      • Casualties are transferred in a highly protective environment, minimising the risks of further harm.
      • Stretchers can be secured quickly and easily, recognising that in emergencies time is of the essence.
      • Transfer devices can accommodate essential paramedical equipment, such as drips and oxygen.