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Lowest possible friction----MicPol® technology


MicPol® is the signature technology in Interflon products. Developed in-house by our own team of scientists, MicPol® is what makes our products stand out from all others. So, how does it all work?


MicPol® stands for Micronization and Polarization.

The solid lubrication particles in our products are

micronized, meaning that they are reduced to a tiny

diameter of between 0.05 to 15 microns. This is

what allows them to penetrate every tiny crack,

crevice, and pore on the surface of an object.

You cannot see these cracks with the naked eye,

but MicPol® fills them and eliminates the resistance

they would otherwise offer to anything moving over the surface.


Our story about the need to innovate:


Next, the particles are polarized. This gives them a negative charge. When they connect with the positively charged surface, they will bond creating a long-lasting solid lubrication film avoiding metal-metal contact. Traditional lubricants need to be fortified afterwards with allkind of ingredients to achieve adherence to the surface. These ingredients come along with all kind of negative properties. This solid layer of lubrication offers the lowest possible coefficient of friction, as low as 0,04. It withstands great extremes of pressure and temperature. In general, the MicPol® layer will last on surfaces up to ten times longer than other lubricants. 

It also repels water, preventing corrosion, because without water there is no rust. The anti-adherent properties of the MicPol® layer refuse particle adhesion, avoiding the creation of abrasive pastes, very common with conventional oil-based lubricants. This is a tremendous advantage in industrial environments where humidity, dirt, or other contaminants are a factor. Interflon lubricants don’t just lubricate! They also protect.


What are the benefits of MicPol®?


Because Interflon products with MicPol®️ reduce friction so much better than conventional oils and greases, the result is: 


  • You don’t need to lubricate your machines as often

  • They use less energy

  • Machine parts last longer

  • All this leading to less interventions, though less down-time



A game changer

Interflon products are formulated to work in adverse and very demanding environments, where maintenance time is critical and downtime not an option.


Our lubricants contain MicPol®, a unique technology that reduces friction to a minimum. Together with our powerful environmental friendly cleaners and effective hardware solutions, we achieve the best value for your business.

Certifications and sustainability


Interflon possesses various certifications. The certifications prove that our products and processes meet the highest quality requirements, are reliable and meet the most demanding expectations. Independent institutions continuously test our work so that you are always assured of excellent quality.


ISO certifications

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 21469 certified. The ISO 9001 means that quality in our entire manufacturing process is constantly monitored and assured. It is the best possible assurance of our capability to honor all our commitments to you. The NSF ISO 21469 certification indicates that our products are being manufactured through a hygienic process to avoid risks for contamination.


Additional certifications

Additional certifications we possesses are the NSF H1 registration, Kosher and Halal certificate. An H1 lubricant is intended for use in applications where there is potential for incidental food contact. The Kosher and Halal certifications we received for our entire selection Food-Grade product portfolio.