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Innovative and simple


SubC Partner has been using the JibFlex in the last years for its O&M campaigns and major corrective maintenance projects. Applications where the JibFlex has been applied in the wind power industry:

* On the wind turbine door frames for easy transfer of items from the outside of the turbine to the internal working platforms.


* Inside a wind turbine nacelle for components replacement i.e. hydraulic power unit, yaw gears.

Inside the tower at different levels to support O&M activities.


* On construction support vessels for easy transfer of items from the main vessel to the transfer vessels.


* On the quayside for easy transfer of items to the transfer vessel.


Offshore Oil & Gas is one of the most innovative and technologically demanding industry segments


Companies must constantly innovate and push the boundaries of their technology to maximise output and minimise cost.




Equipment that can satisfy the most demanding conditions whilst simplifying operations and reducing costs is therefore critical. Whether on vessels or oil rigs, the applications of the JibFlex are multiple. Our engineering team is ready to provide bespoke solutions to fulfil all your requirements.

Lifting has never been more flexible


For complicated lifting operations, the JibFlex is ideal for complicated lifting operations. It goes around corners and obstacles, where no ordinary jib arm can work, thus reducing the need for manual handling.


No wonder we call it the JibFlex:


  • It moves loads around corners

  • It lifts loads through small openings

  • It operates freely in all directions



JibFlex reduces risk of injuries


Let the JibFlex take the burden off your personnel’s backs. Lifting up to 500 kg, the jib arm is a vital component in a safer work place.


The JibFlex puts safety first:


  • It reduces manual handling

  • It reduces potential for injury

  • It ensures good handling practice

ATEX Zone 2 JibFlex


Specially designed for hazardous areas, we offer an ATEX version of JibFlex. 

The equal ground potential between the modules is achieved by connecting 4 square millimetres flexible copper wire between all modules. 
This basically means that this JibFlex is explosion-proof, and therefore safely can be located where there is the risk of an explosive atmosphere. 

Photos from the test assembly, before packing the order to the customer - a chemical factory in Germany.