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KOOKA, Your Runway Toward Success

Did you know that buying lubricants only affects 5 % of the overhead costs of industrial technical maintenance?

The benefits of a professional lube are often underrated.
High savings on maintenance costs can be achieved (average 20 % to 50 %) by choosing the maximum performance of machinery thanks to Interflon lubricants.
Our products last up to 10 times longer than conventional products and are known in all successful industrial realities for their ability to further extend the lives of the components.




We are Interflon


Innovative lubricant solutions to move forward

Who we are

Interflon manufactures high performance lubricants, cleaners and hardware. Our purpose is to help you to move forward in a constantly evolving world with innovative lubrication solutions. We operate in more than 50 countries, servicing over 135.000 clients in all kinds of industries. Our headquarters are in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. We give the market a new working method: we reframe Technical Maintenance.


What we do

Interflon helps companies to reduce their maintenance and energy costs, at the same time reducing down-time. We employ 400 skilled Technical Advisors worldwide to assist our customers on-site in optimizing their processes and implementing the selected Interflon lubricants converting them into real cost saving solutions. We offer you lubricants with exceptionally good performance for industrial and food processing equipment maintenance purposes. Our products reduce maintenance cost, power consumption and CO2 emissions whilst promoting component reliability and factory output. Our portfolio includes industrial and NSF® listed lubricants in all current viscosity grades for first assembly, repair and maintenance work. Similarly, we can provide you with cost saving ecological cleaners.



About Interflon

Extended periods of maintenance free service

Unlike conventional petrochemical lubricants, Interflon products are fortified with high performance additives and MicPol® particles. These particles form a solid ultra thin lubrication film that provides for a very long lasting lubrication film at the lowest friction. In this way, Interflon lubricants reduce friction and wear much better than conventional lubricants, in particular, in adverse conditions of extreme loads, high and low temperatures, strong contamination and in high water wash areas.


Lower costs

Interflon customers experience considerably lower lubrication labour cost and lubricant consumption rates. They prolong the service life of their critical components bringing down-time to a minimum, reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions and improve equipment utilization rates and reliability at the same time.


That's how our clients reduce their overall maintenance costs with as much as 20%, 30%, sometimes even 50% or more whilst resolving their most awkward lubing issues at the same time.



Lowest possible friction----MicPol® technology


MicPol® is the signature technology in Interflon products. Developed in-house by our own team of scientists, MicPol® is what makes our products stand out from all others. So, how does it all work?


MicPol® stands for micronization and polarization.

The solid lubrication particles in our products

are micronized,  meaning that they are

reduced to a tiny diameter of between

.05 to 15  microns.  This  is  what allows

them  to   penetrate  every tiny  crack,

crevice, and pore on the  surface of an

object.  You  cannot  see  these  cracks

with the naked eye, but MicPol® fills them and eliminates the resistance they would otherwise offer to anything moving over the surface.


Our story about the need to innovate:


Next, the particles are polarized. This gives them a negative charge. When they connect with the positively charged surface, they will bond creating a long-lasting solid lubrication film avoiding metal-metal contact. Traditional lubricants need to be fortified afterwards with allkind of ingredients to achieve adherence to the surface. These ingredients come along with all kind of negative properties. This solid layer of lubrication offers the lowest possible coefficient of friction, as low as 0,04. It withstands great extremes of pressure and temperature. In general, the MicPol® layer will last on surfaces up to ten times longer than other lubricants. 

It also repels water, preventing corrosion, because without water there is no rust. The anti-adherent properties of the MicPol® layer refuse particle adhesion, avoiding the creation of abrasive pastes, very common with conventional oil-based lubricants. This is a tremendous advantage in industrial environments where humidity, dirt, or other contaminants are a factor. Interflon lubricants don’t just lubricate! They also protect.


What are the benefits of MicPol®?


Because Interflon products with MicPol®️ reduce friction so much better than conventional oils and greases, the result is: 


  • You don’t need to lubricate your machines as often

  • They use less energy

  • Machine parts last longer

  • All this leading to less interventions, though less down-time



The Interflon and Rotalube Partnership extends the life of chain


Chain Lubrication Solutions


Interflon + Rotalube = One stone strikes two birds.











How the lubricant is applied onto the chain is key to a successful result. Interflon Rotalube offer you unique solutions to deliver precise amounts of lubricant. Interflon Rotalube sprockets are designed to apply lubricant to the pins of the chain accurately irrespective of chain speed or stretch. Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions can help you increase productivity and avoid unscheduled downtime by delivering the right amount of lubrication at the right place. Interflon and Rotalube: the best of two worlds!


Safest lubrication solutions of inaccessible chains during production

The unique Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions allow you to lubricate inaccessible chains during production. You can choose for remote dosing of chain lubrication using a spray can or a central lubrication system. Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions are the safest solutions to lubricate chains that are hard to reach due to covers or safety fences. The innovative system is sustainable, has a long life span, is easy to install. It is also suitable for cleaning chains with air and for chain speed up to 40 meters per minute.


Solutions for the 6 most common sizes of simplex and duplex chains are available to you. You can use Interflon Rotalube Chain Lubrication Solutions in combination with the following Interflon aerosols: Interflon Fin Super, Interflon Lube TF, Interflon Food Lube, Interflon Food Lube G, Interflon Lube EP+ Interflon HT.


Unique chain lubrication solution


Interflon Rotalube LC

Unique chain lubrication solution for standard roller chain in 6 different sizes, simplex and duplex. Remote dosing of chain lubrication using a spray can or central lubrication system. During production the safest solution to lubricate chains that are hard to reach due to covers or safety fences.


Suitable for 6 sizes of roller chain BS/ISO and ANSI (EU and USA). Extendable to multiple lubrication points by central lubrication system. Can also be customised for duplex and simplex chains. Optional: version for food with blue gears.


Article numbers and chain sizes :


  1. 7319, Inch 3/8”/ USA ANSI35 / BS 06B1

  2. 7315, Inch 1/2”/ USA ANSI40 / BS 08B1

  3. 7320, Inch 5/8”/ USA ANSI50 / BS 10B1

  4. 7318, Inch 3/4”/ USA ANSI60 / BS 12B1

  5. 7316, Inch 1”/ USA ANSI80 / BS 16B1

  6. 7317, Inch 1.1/4”/ USA ANSI100 / BS 20B1

    Inteflon 和 Rotalube 強強聯手 延長了鏈條的使用壽命




    • 選擇是一種最適當的潤滑脂/油? 取決於對潤滑脂/油的瞭解與認識,掌握愈多使用所要的需求的資訊,便愈容易決定一種正確的產品。 以下是選擇最佳產品所必需瞭解的要素:


    • 需要潤滑或受保護的物品為何?鏈條 滾珠、或滾筒軸承…………..等。


    • 需要潤滑或受保護的物品是什麼材質?鋼材、橡膠、塑膠?明確的說:不銹鋼,neoprene(一種合成橡膠),polycarbonate(聚碳酸酯)….等。


    • 此設備的轉速(RPM)為何?


    • 軸承表面或零件的負載為何?


    • 使用時的溫度極限為何?(包含最高和最低溫)。操作時的溫度是否不同於正常時周圍的溫度?


    • 受潤滑物件的周圍是否有熱或冷流(空氣或水)的導入或導出?


    • 受潤滑的物件是可以做再次潤滑,還是只須做一次永久潤滑?


    • 受潤滑物件的周遭情況如何?是否有腐蝕性化學藥品?導致氧化的情形?水?蒸氣?溶劑?或放射線? 真空? ……等。