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Delitek – Waste Handling Equipment Expert
Delitek is a market leading manufacturer and supplier of complete onboard waste handling systems for the maritime and offshore industry. From our headquarters in northern Norway, we produce and ship out high quality stainless steel equipment and clever storage solutions that are second to none when it comes to durability, practicality and ease of use. Our sales representatives are present in all the major markets of the world, and our customers include some of the biggest players on the global maritime stage.
In earlier years, the ocean seemingly provided us with both an endless supply of food and a bottomless pit for our waste. Human activity was literally just a drop in it. Sure, it provided obstacles and challenges as well, but what didn’t occur to us until recently, is that we might be hurting it … and that it needs our help.


Now we know, but how did we get to this point? How could frail, little creatures like ourselves threaten the health of the globe-spanning ocean?


Our intentions were never bad. We just wanted to make life better, safer and easier for ourselves, something we’re really good at. In the wild, inhospitable polar regions of Norway, we have a great deal of experience with seeing traditional building materials consistently lose the battle against nature. We’ve also benefited greatly from the invention of new, better, non-degradable materials, as have nearly every settlement around the world, from huge metropolises to remote research facilities and everywhere in between.


The problem is that we never stopped improving. Luckily that’s also the solution. Eventually, the materials we came up with became, while incredibly practical, essentially too robust for nature to break down within reasonable time. Plastics, metals, chemicals – they’re double edged swords. Very useful in the right circumstances, and very harmful in the wrong. It turns out that the ocean is neither bottomless nor endless in its riches. Faced with modern, non-degradable waste, maritime ecosystems are actually quite vulnerable.


So what can we do? The first step is to stop filling the ocean with waste. Delitek was founded for this very purpose. Instead of throwing our waste overboard, we need to store it until until the ship reaches land. This takes up a lot of space onboard, so in order to do it most effectively, we must first process it. And to do that, we need machines that exceed the robustness of whatever it’s processing. Nobody makes onboard waste handling equipment like Delitek. The almost instinctive obsession with quality provided by centuries of battling the harsh conditions of our native northern Norway is now an advantage for us. Our high quality stainless steel equipment simply don’t break down, wherever it may be in the world. Much like the materials it’s designed to handle.


Should our machines sink, they’ll remain intact for years and years and thus become part of the problem. But we had to make them non-degradable … because it takes one to stow one.


Complete Dry Waste Handling Systems
What is a Complete Dry Waste Handling System Processing waste is a time consuming, but important part of the modern marine industry. Making this work as effi  cient and logistically friendly as possible is Deliteks main concern. This is why development of a complete range of Delitek equipment, to work together as a system, makes a lot of sense. In the unique Delitek solution, the mobile containers are the main feature. The containers can also be interchanged between shredder, waste compactor and glass crusher. Extra containers can be stored outside the machines, doubling as waste bins. When fully loaded, they are ready to be inserted in the waste compactor for processing. Together this removes a substantial part of manual transfer of waste from bin to bin before processing. Process example:


•    Plastic cans and PET bottles are brought to the garbage processing room /location.
•    The container marked “Hard plastics” are rolled into the shredder.
•    Waste is loaded and processed into small strips in the shredder.
•    After processing is fi nished the container is rolled out of the shredder and directly into the compactor. A compaction cycle is run, to further compact the shredded waste.
•    The container is either left inside the compactor, or rolled back into a storage rack system on deck.




Waste Compactors


What is a Delitek Compactor?


The Waste Compactor was the very fi rst product developed
by Delitek AS, as far back as in 1992. At the time the Delitek
concept was unique, being one of the very fi rst wastecompactor intended for marine use. It had the same basic configuration still maintained in today’s models: A powerful electric-hydraulic compactor composed of a stainless steel hull,mobile containers and use of bags for easy garbage logisticsand storage.
The waste compactor still remains the coreproduct of Delitek AS.Air driven waste CompactorThe DT-220PN pneumatic / air-driven waste compactor is a simplifi ed versionof our DT-200MC model. This unit hasno electric components and needs





What is a Delitek shredder?

A shredders main task is to tear apart and reduce density of particular types ofwaste that is otherwise hard to compact effi ciently. Examples are: PET Bottles, metal tins and cans, plastic containers, wood packaging materials etc.

With a Delitek shredder added to your waste handling system, and particularly in combination with a Delitek Waste Compactor, you will end up with an extreme volume reduction. This is also logistically friendly due to the interchangeable Delitek containers.




Glass Crushers

What is a Delitek glass crusher?

Glass crushers have one simple task, to crush glass and bottles. However, making a machine that does this hundreds and thousands of times consistently and trouble free is not as simple.

Delitek glass crushers are effi cient, easy and safe to use and can run for years with only basic maintenance. They make use of the same Delitek containers as the rest of the waste handling equipment, fi tted with big bags that can be transported by crane.




Bale Compactors

What is a Delitek Bale Compactor?

Bale compactors have traditionally been used for baling of large amounts of cardboard or soft plastic waste (Packing material). This is also true for Delite Balers.

On our balers we have focused on ease of use by making the loading opening as big as possible, removing the need for pre-cutting.




DT Series Dry Waste Handling System in painted steel




Drum, Can & Oil-Filter (Special Purpose) Chrushers

What is a Delitek Special Purpose Crusher?

This range of Special Purpose machines, has been developed by Delitek to fit a particular need in the market. Crushing of everyting from large oil drums/barrels to small paint cans and oil-fi lters, and also taking proper care of the liquid residues from these waste types.




Mini Compactor




Refrigerated waste Compactors




Containerized Waste Station

The Containerized Waste Station has been developed and designed for the Marine and Off shore Industry. The CWS is a compact, fl exible and mobile solution. Vessels whith a high number of crew and long voyage times such as Offshore Installations, Vessels, Off shore Construction Vessels, Windmill Installation Vessels, Various Platforms and many others have to be fl exible in order to follow MARPOL Annex 5 / IMO MEPC 201 (62) regulations for waste handling. To arrange waste handling and storage inside existing vessels is often an expensive solution or simply not possible since no space is available. This is where Containerized Waste Station can be the right solution.


Food Waste Systems (Wet Waste)

What is a Delitek Food Waste system?

Delitek AS has developed two diff erent solutions in order to overcome typical problems with the wet waste from galley area. For vessels with small crew numbers, we have developed the FWS wet waste processing unit. This is a combination of a heavy duty food waste grinder and holding tank, in one compact unit. Still it is capable of dealing with the same problems the traditional bigger food waste systems do. For larger vessels and higher crew/ passenger numbers we offer the DeliVAC Food waste system.

The DeliVAC system is based around the vacuum pump technology from JETS. The main components in the system are the macerators in galley, holding tank and Vacuum /discharge unit skid. Via one or more free-standing macerators in the galley, the grinded food waste is transported to a holding tank. Due to the use of vacuum transport and high speed transport, small diameter pipes (DM50) can be used without experiencing traditional clogging problems. Holding tanks comes in sizes from 1,2M3 to 10M3. The system has its internal discharge pump, in order to pump the food slurry to open sea (where allowed). The system is very fl exible and can be customized for each project. De-watering and grease separation solutions can also be adapted to the system.


DT-200 series system (AISI 304 / AISI 316 Stainless Steel)


The DT-200 series waste handling system is our optimal combination of waste compactor, shredder and glass crusher from our DT-200 product portefolio.


The DT-200MC waste compactor, DT-230SR shredder & DT-200GC glass crusher will all work perfectly alone, but a combination of these three machines will give a unique and flexible system for waste handling onboard vessels and offshore installations. Such combination will enable further compaction of the shredded & crushed material, because the DT-200MC, DT-230SR & DT-200GC make use of the very same  C-200 container with 0,2m3 capacity & HD plastic bag solution (big bags also available). 
The wheeled C-200 waste container can in other words be interchanged between the waste compactor, shredder and glass crusher! The result is an extreme volume reduction of different waste materials such as steel drums, plastic drums, tins, paint buckets, cardboard, paper, plastic materials, wood crating, soda cans, PE soda bottles etc. compared to common methods.




Garbage Management - MARPOL Annex V (Edition 2)




DT-200 Series Waste Management System