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More compact is more efficient

Consistent compaction of waste creates financial scope.

Certified DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System

​​​​​​​"Made in Germany" is still today a mark of quality. Particularly with Bergmann products.

Nothing is more expensive than storing and transporting air. Needless hollow spaces are the result of uncompacted waste. Not only do containers and storage spaces bulge, but their costs also quickly spill over! BERGMANN has been setting standards in the waste disposal industry for over 50 years. BERGMANN products and system solutions stand for longevity, reliability and ease of maintenance.

With sophisticated BERGMANN products

> Increase the load capacity of containers
> Reduce the number of disposal journeys
> Use less space for container storing areas and waste storage
> Reduce your logistics costs
> Reduce your labour costs

Get to know our Products, if you have more important things to do than stacking waste.
Waste Compacting System


Waste Compacting System


The Roto-Compactors invented by BERGMANN combine the advantage of continuous filling with the efficient collection of waste and garbage right at its source.
The compaction takes place directly in the standard
litre roller bins or bags, which can be removed from the disposal vehicles.

Low space requirements and high compaction results lead to maximum cost savings as expensive and space-consuming large bins can be replaced.

The high BERGMANN quality standard of a product with a well-developed design and technology as wells as the silent low-maintenance drive are standard features of every BERGMANN products.
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Working method :


1。Inserting the roller bin in the Roto Compactor.
2。Continuous filling by everyone via the large-dimensioned filler chute.
3。Collection, crushing and compaction of the waste through rotating special drum.
4。The highly compacted material can be easily removed and transported by roller bins. Subsequent collection by disposer.




Various Sizes Waste Compacting System :


Mobile/Stationary Large Waste Compacting System


Mobile/Stationary Large Waste Compacting System


Working method
Illustration of the self-cleaning pendulum blade with throw-over blade system in front position. During the compactor stroke and the following return stroke, the entire filling area is available for continuous filling.
Illustration of the self-cleaning pendulum blade with throw-over blade system in extreme rear position. Thanks to the throw-over blade system, the material thrown in during the preceding compactor stroke is thrown in front of the compacting piston.
Working method

Illustration of the self-cleaning pendulum blade in rear position
1。During the compactor stroke, the entire filling area is available for continuous filling. In the return stroke, it can be fed again. The pendulum blade passes under the material and positions the waste ready for the next cycle.

2。Illustration of the pendulum blade at the end of the compactor stroke. The garbage was pushed under the break edge into the container.
Integrated lift-tipping-device for revolving emptying system


External lift-tipping-device as additional device


The BERGMANN program comprises 4 product groups for waste compaction, which enables the economic compaction of virtually all materials for the most diverse disposal issues:

1. BERGMANN Roto Compactor  as a compact solution for the compaction of waste directly at the work site.

2. BERGMANN Roll-Packer for compacting waste in open containers. Depending upon the request, household waste or cans can also be compacted in addition to disposable pallets, wooden boxes or bulky garbage.

3. BERGMANN Alpha-Pack-Bins exhibit some patented characteristics, which bring monetary advantages. Predestined for cardboard boxes, paper and foil, the otherwise necessary cleaning operations can be dispensed with and stand apart, in addition to the highest compaction results, behind the compacting piston in the foreground.

4. BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bins are then in your element, if you need to compact wet or difficult garbage. These proven compaction boxes work with a pendulum blade - an invention of Bergmann. Also, cleaning operations can be dispensed with via standard waterproof Mobile-Pack-Bins.btained.
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