Thanks to the inspiration and progress-oriented attitude of the owner and founder Pierino Bravi, Bravi Platforms is a globally recognized and respected mobile platform production company today, a pioneer of the creation of more efficient and safer methods to work at low heights.

A 40-year journey deeply rooted in the personal history of Pierino Bravi and his over twenty years of experience in the constructions sector. Pierino founded a small company that offered solutions and took on contracts in installations in 1978, a company that became Braviisol in 1980, among the leading companies in the sector in the Italian market by the early 1990s.

Efficiency and productivity are paramount for the Braviisol company, which in 1986 designs and builds the first mobile platform, the self-propelled B.P.3, with a working height of 18 meters. Pierino Bravi continues to innovate the low-level aerial equipment sector by improving his initial concept and adding other models. By making use of his experience, Pierino follows his intuition and creates new opportunities for his company, following his philosophy: “If the market does not offer adequate equipment, the solution is simple: invent it!”

In 1995 the first hydraulic vertical mast models were made: LUI S.I. (working height 9 mt) and LUI MINI, the first compact and self-propelled platform with a working height of 5 mt. This platform will be constantly improved over the years, eventually evolving into the Leonardo HD model. In 2010, production expanded, with a range of picking machines being added. It also see the creation of the BRAVI PLATFORMS brand, a choice meant to reflect the, by-then, strongly international character of the company.

The experience and entrepreneurship of Pierino Bravi, the relationship and collaboration built with our customers and collaborators have allowed BRAVI PATFORMS to establish itself as a key player in the sector, ready to improve and proud to be 100% Made in Italy. Our machines have been created with both the end user and rental companies in mind, a machine that can satisfy all types of customers at 360°.




Simple safety and versatility for high-level performance in every sector!


The sprint model was created out of a specific need of several clients of Bravi platforms, who for some time have used the Leonardo model for picking operations.


They wanted to see all the details of the model they already loved, transformed into a machine more adapted to their needs.

Leonardo HD


An upgrade in toughness and strength from the well-proven Leonardo standard version, the Leonardo heavy-duty comes with all-steel chassis and canopies and integrated forklift pockets. It’s designed to be used in the harshest environments and features active pothole protection for increased ground clearance, preferred in the contracting environment.


Tailor-made to the operator’s and contractor’s needs in the building industry, the LEONARDO range of platforms eliminates the need for scaffolding, scissor lifts and normal push-around units. No more ladders, no outriggers, no hassles. One man can easily do a job safely, quickly and efficiently.






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LUI 460

The LUI 460 is the aerial platform that combines the uniqu manoeuvrability of the Leonardo HD with the need to reach higher.

SAFE The LUI 460 can be driven when at full height (6.6 meters – 21.6 feet), fully loaded (280 Kg – 617 lbs.) and with the platform fully extended, at an automatic slow speed of 0,6 km/h (0,35 mph). It also features a built-in tilt sensor, flashing light, audible alarm and the active pothole protection mechanism.

The LUI 460 is ruggedly built and durable, while maintaining a high degree of mobility. Its unique platform, mast and cylinder design allows for a unique unrestricted platform capacity of 280 Kg (617 Lbs).



Spin-Go it is an innovative, crafted yet simple product. Once you try it, ladders won’t do the job any more. 



The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work considers a load of 25-30 kg (55-66 lbs.) as potentially too heavy to lift for most people (Osha Fact Sheet 73). Simple and compact, it allows you to carry out all the operations of restocking shelves, the setting up and cleaning of rooms and commercial spaces, safely and comfortably. To ensure maximum operator safety, the brakes on the wheels are always active. With a low basket, by pushing the brake release switch you will be able to easily push the platform into position.

Sprint TL


The Sprint TL is an innovative piece of equipment meant to save your back and increase operator productivity, efficiency and safety.


  • a one of a kind order picker for tyres

  • can reach a height of 5.35 m

  • innovative Lift Compartment System can load up to 100 kg

  • can perform a complete rotation on its own axis

  • control panel equipped with a large LCD display showing vehicle status, system operating time and battery status via a charge indicator


SAFE According to OSHA, 56% of shoulder, neck and back injuries in the auto sector are due to tire-related services. Sprint TL’s heavy duty steel case construction and frame allow it to handle tires and wheels up to 100 kg (220 lbs).Traditional methods require two people to be involved in order to perform the task, while the Sprint TL allows the operator to load the items and handle them in complete autonomy. This will not only have a positive impact on productivity, allowing the operator to do more in less time, but it will also avoid injuries related to manual movement.