Our  Vision :


With innovative spirit and professional technical knowledge, adopt a dual-track parallel approach: 1. Continue Taiwan's local research, development and manufacturing of products related to environmental protection and sustainability,


2. Being as an agency and distributor of foreign products in Taiwan, so that customers can continue to grow and exceed their expectations.





Core Values :


1. Customers Focus

We deliver quality solutions and services by acting proactively and responding quickly to their needs.


2. We Develop Trusting Relationships 

Trust and respect is earned by our actions.  We collaborate and work together with openness to gain customers mutual understanding.


3. Do It Now

Seizing opportunities with a sense of urgency, we demonstrate a “Do It Now” attitude.  We hold ourselves and each other mutually accountable.


4. Continuous Improvement

Sparked by curiosity and a willingness to challenge the status quo, we are open to change and to continuously learn.  We are energized by our drive to innovate, eliminate waste and make things better.




Our  Mission :


We exist to helping people enjoy work in new ways.






 KOOKA, Your Runway Toward Success


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Address : No. 3, Lane 265, Sec., 2, Heping East Road, 

Da-an District, Taipei 106101, Taiwan

Tel : +886.2.2700.6299

Fax : +886.2.2700.3662

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KOOKA Technology Corporation

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About us :
ESG, an acronym made up of the initials of the three indicators of environmental protection (Environmental), social responsibility (Social), and corporate governance (Governance). SDGs), thus making corporate ESG an important indicator when investing in companies in the financial circle!
In the future, in addition to profits, companies that also consider all aspects of business models and fulfill corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR) are the companies that can develop sustainably in the future.
In the process of promoting the issue of plastic reduction and circular economy, the KOOKA Technology team also knows that only through the cooperation of different units can it roll out a larger social influence, truly affect the public, and reverse the public's crushed bottles. The habit of using bottles and cans to improve transportation efficiency and reduce carbon emissions and air pollution (SDG12). At the same time, we will continue to introduce products and solutions related to offshore wind power generation and artificial engineering, expecting to contribute to clean energy and energy efficiency (SDG7) and working environment safety (SDG8).

Let's work together for a cleaner earth.