It can support up to 500KG/7Meter
JibFlex is the most innovative jib arm provided with a flexible lightweight aluminum module. The unique structure enables the JibFlex to operate in confined spaces with a minimum of manual handling.




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Each day we work to change the world through the power of wind, for creating a cleaner, greener future for everyone on our shared home, earth. Let's work together to capture the wind for powering a cleaner world.





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MGP-i Marine Growth Preventor
By preventing microfouling, later groups of hard-fouling organisms such as barnacles, oysters and tubeworms, together with soft-fouling organ­isms such as anemones, hydroids and sponges are denied an environment of nutrients in which to breed. This Control Technology is the continuous rolling action of specially designed apparatus over cleaned surfaces to prevent the settlement of microfouling on submerged structures. 






Interflon helps companies to reduce their maintenance and energy costs, at the same time reducing down-time.
We offer you lubricants with exceptionally good performance for industrial and food processing equipment maintenance purposes. Our products reduce maintenance cost, power consumption and CO2 emissions whilst promoting component reliability and factory output. 
Engiso® is an engineered solutions firm specializing in multipurpose magnets and industrial products for extreme environments.
Engiso's high-value engineered solutions are expertly customized for the wind, telecommunications, maritime, oil and gas, and defense sectors. The company is a preferred provider of engineered solutions for a number of Fortune Global 500 clients and holds more than 25 patents worldwide.





Reflex Marine Crew Tansfer Technology
We're moving crew transfer into a new and safer era. Thoroughly tested and verified, our innovative solutions make transfers safer
Reflex Marine Crew Transfer Deivce put safety first, offering extensive protection from falling, collision, heavy landings and immersion during transfer.


Industry leaders including BP, Shell, Chevron, Transocean and ConocoPhillips use our crane transfer carriers in many regions, from the Arctic to the tropics.





Granada Davit Cranes
Granada is one of the world’s leading specialists in providing offshore lifting, inspection and maintenance services, its expertise is extensive.
All materials and components are certified for offshore use and conform to all relevant standards for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment. Our paint system is to ISO 12944 CX or NORSOK M501. Our man-riding emergency descent is to Applicable Standard Safety systems include automatic and manual override protection (AOPS and MOPS).


Over 1000 next generation Python Davit foundation cranes from Granda Cranes already in operation on worldwide offshore wind farms




Delitek Waste Handling Systems 
What is a Complete Dry Waste Handling System

Processing waste is a time consuming, but important part of the modern marine industry. Making this work as efficient and logistically friendly as possible is Deliteks main concern. This is why development of a complete range of Delitek equipment, to work together as a system, makes a lot of sense.

In the unique Delitek solution, the mobile containers are the main feature. The containers can also be interchanged between shredder, waste compactor and glass crusher. Extra containers can be stored outside the machines, doubling as waste bins. When fully loaded, they are ready to be inserted in the waste compactor for processing. Together this removes a substantial part of manual transfer of waste from bin to bin before processing.





MHO-Co Hybrid CTV & SOV
MHO-Co was founded in 2015 by Mr. Mik Henriksen, who has many years of experience in the shipping and offshore industry. Having built both aluminum ferries and crew transfer vessels Mik Henriksen designs MHO-Co vessels with the ambitions to challenge and push boundaries within safe and reliable crew transfer, whilst minimizing both the financial and environmental costs of sailing to and from offshore wind farms.

In the beginning of 2019 MHO-Co launched the first of the two twin vessels MHO Gurli and in May 2019 MHO Esbjerg was launched. At the length of 39m the catamarans are considers the largest CTVs in the world.

In 2021 MHO-Co launched MHO Asgard and MHO Apollo. The two 35m offshore support vessels have fully integrated hybrid electric solutions designed to be adapted for future eco-friendly power-generating methods.



Dynamica Ropes
Dynamica Ropes was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary of Netmark Holding (read more about Netmark). 


Our headquarter and production is situated in Fredericia, Denmark, and has been expanding ever since 2004. 


We manufacture and supply high quality rope solutions made with HMPE/Dyneema® that replace steel wire and chains, due to the many applications and the characteristics of the fibres (strength, weight, UV-stability, safety, abrasion, fatigue and bending fatigue),