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The photocatalytic effect on titanium dioxide was discovered in Japan in the 70s and has been the subject of research projects around the world ever since. Photocatalysis describes light-induced processes, whereby chemical reactions are enabled or accelerated by the action of light on certain materials.


In photocatalysis on titanium dioxide semiconductors, charge separation is stimulated by light waves with a wavelength of 320 to 400 nm. The resulting electron holes enable the formation of highly reactive oxygen compounds (hydroxyl radicals), which enable the cold combustion of organic pollutants. 


This leads to a complete breakdown into the harmless end products carbon dioxide and water. Through photocatalysis, we activate natural oxygen and thus decompose organic dirt, VOC, mold spores, germs and bacteria. Pure oxygen is an excellent cleaning and disinfecting agent. 


Photocatalysis needs three things:


  1. Oxygen as an oxidizing agent (our "active ingredient")

  2. Light (“photos”) as a source of energy

  3. Titanium dioxide as a trigger of the reaction ("catalyst")


That's all! And …… oxygen is everywhere!.




The surfaces coated with the innovative technology from TitanProtect® have unique properties. They clean themselves, are ideal for preventing all kinds of pathogens, are antibacterial and are even able to clean pollutants, dirt and unpleasant odors from our air. Photocatalytic self-cleaning describes a property of surfaces that have been coated with photocatalysts made of titanium dioxide (TiO2).


When exposed to light, organic materials are decomposed on the surface. The surfaces stay clean and have an antimicrobial effect. On these surfaces, water does not form droplets, but rather a thin layer, so that no fogging can be seen on these surfaces with the eye (“superhydrophilic surface”). Thanks to a special design of our titanium dioxide particles, TitanProtect® can also be used in areas with less light.


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