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The Isotop products from Getzner, which are spring/damper combinations, are mainly used for low-frequency mounting of HVAC systems, CHP plants, refrigerating machines, cooling towers, air-handling units, ventilators and pumps. Depending on the calculated load, they have a natural frequency (resonance frequency) of up to 3.0 Hz and therefore significantly minimise vibrations.


Product properties

  1. Particularly good for low-frequency applications

  2. Natural frequency can be adapted up to 3.0 Hz

  3. For the greatest loads with the smallest supporting surfaces

  4. Combined material properties of Sylomer or Sylodyn plus the advantages of a steel spring



  • Combines the advantages of Sylomer® or Sylodyn® and a steel spring

  • A wide range of applications

  • Can be adapted perfectly to customer requirements

  • Readily interchangeable due to uniform overall heights

  • Durable, compact design

  • Very low settling behaviour

  • Less maintenance

  • Long service lives

  • Maximisation of precision and quality in building services equipment

Reduction of vibrations

Low natural frequency up to 3 Hz



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