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KOOKA, Your Runway Toward Success

The self-cleaning industrial coating for facades, building elements and sun protection


The photocatalytic coating of plastic-based (for example painted or powder coated) surfaces is still a major challenge and we are particularly proud that we have mastered this challenge with the know-how and inventor spirit "Made in Germany".


Our product is an ultra-clear and transparent layer of active titanium dioxide. Under the influence of light, this layer becomes photocatalytically active and cleaves oxygen radicals from the air, which then react with organic substances and thus decompose them effectively and sustainably.


The result is a self-cleaning surface. Organic dirt is decomposed, and inorganic dirt particles are degraded. The hydrophilicity of the coated surface ensures a very effective self-washing effect.

In addition, photocatalysis also cleans the air of gaseous pollutants, such as hazardous nitrogen oxides (NOx) and organic fine dust.


Photocatalysis - the superior technology for the permanent and sustainable protection of facades


Our product produces a photocatalytically active protective layer of titanium dioxide (TiO2) on the façade. With the help of the light energy, the TiO2 activates pure oxygen from the ambient air, which decomposes all organic deposits on the coated surface of the facade by oxidation ("cold combustion").


With the coating, the façade is not only free of algae, but also completely free of toxic substances. Up until now, one had to protect the annoying algae plague only with poisonous fungicides and bactericides, the effect of which, according to the system, would fly again after some time. The coating, however, has a long-lasting and lasting effect, which is only due to the power of light and oxygen, which means that it is completely toxic and harmless for humans, animals and the environment.


Excellent cost-effectiveness of the facades with active coating

Contaminated sun protection systems and facade elements are very unattractive. They cause a high cleaning effort and thus high costs. With our product, this effort is considerably reduced; Which is not washed away by rain and dew, can simply be rinsed with water without using aggressive detergents and elaborate cleaning procedures.