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People often knows where to find a doctor, if s/he is not feeling well.


Who shall entrepreneurs look for assistance if they may have any operation issues or problems?


It is suggested to have at least once a year a full body health check. An enterprise is also suggested to have once every year an operation check for preventing any issue causing too late to cure it.


According to 2017 White Papers from Taiwan Small and Mediaum Enterprise Administration,  Ministry of Economic Affairs (SMEAMOEA),  Taiwan, there were 30%+ of SMEs  couldn't service through its first year. .


If any company have a proper solution for its survial, has still possiblity can last longer. Nevertheless, there are many emerging new business models and hence many start-up enters to the market without both proper assessment and daily operation management especially in recent years therefore led to those 99% failure, according to SMEAMEA statastics.


It is often said "An apple a day the doctor stays away from me". Not every enterpreneurs knows daily how to operate a company, from start-up to hundreds staffs, properly and therefore KOOKA is here to assist you checking up your enterprise for knowing your SWOT (strenghs, weakness, opportunites, and threats) and proper solutions for overcoming it. 


Following are fundamental questions a manager shall able to cover properly :


1. Does your operations strategy complement or conflict with the business strategy?


2. Have you adequately quantitatively assessed risk in your operations strategy and developed plans to reduce risks?


3. Have you established specific, measureable goals for the operational team as well as key individuals and tied them to business outcomes?


4. Does the operations strategy accommodate necessary business timelines?


5.Does your operations strategy maintain flexibility while increasing accountability?


If you may not answer it comprhensively, that is why KOOKA we are here to assist you finding solutions for a sustainable growth and creatd value for you, your company and stakeholders. Pls contact us at for assistance.










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