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Room air purification - we make the difference

The pollutants present in the air are carried by the air convection to the coated surface. On the NADICARE® coating, pollutants and organic impurities are decomposed into harmless substances by photocatalysis, the room air is cleaned continuously. Contrary to air purification devices, photocatalysis requires only daylight or artificial light. Due to the additional self-cleaning effect, the coated surface remains pure much longer.


Substances which are degraded by photocatalysis:


  • allergens

  • germs

  • mold spores

  • benzene

  • formaldehyde

  • glycols

  • disturbing odors

  • and many other pollutants


The advantages of air cleaning

  • large area effect over the entire room

  • no maintenance costs

  • does not consume power

  • does not require any filter media

  • permanently effective

  • efficient

  • ecologically


The ceiling coating continually and sustainably cleans the room air.

The air cleaning system is not a device that is ordered, but a transparent and safe ceiling coating, which efficiently decomposes allergens, germs, mold spores and pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, glycols and many more in the room air.


Also odors are neutralized.