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Industry 4.0 (human being 4th industrial revolution) has bringing many technologies e.g. artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, internet of things, cloud coputing,...etc,that trigger some others related technogies been revealed to the market. There are some new business models are introduced to the market as well. If your company have noticed these new technologies and changes that inspire you considering transforming for these changes?


Nonetheless, key factor for a successful transformation is not relying on technical solution but mainly people issue.  


The company has to think out of blue that mostly rely on hardware but shall consider to develop soft power for overcoming those limits of products, facilities, and equipments. So that can build up company's core competency among competition. For maintaining one company's advantages on human resources capital, it has contiously invest on employees learning and development then employees could grow thgether with the company in a rapid changes market.


Therefore, speed matters among modern competition which meant quick movers can expell slow movers out of the market. 


At all, is fighting for good employees among companies of modern market.


It is natually planned the company can benefit from generating more sales revenues, profits, and operation efficiency for a sustainable development after company invest various trainings on its employees.  It supports that we KOOKA as a consulting company has to adopt itself for catering this goal, i.e. start with the end. For those company don't care its return on investment in training, will natually waste its time and money which no one will further invest money on it.


A Chinese philosopher Laozi ever said : 「The climbing of a height begins at the base.」


An American renown writer and speaker Mr. Zig Zilar said  :「A goal properly set is halfway reached.」


We strongly believe learning result can be effectivly displayed only if via having efficient practice and feedback guidance could then form up one's new behavior model after employees have leart any new knowledge and skills.  But, for persisting in applying those learning in daily operation, company has to highly support this learning transformation atmosphere. Therefore it is parallelly important for promoting proactive company organization culture and employee mindset adjustment for cultivating positive agressiveness and accountability. To lead employee mindset changing from staff's "will do" to entrepreneur's "would" do for ultimately achieving self-supporting innovation and improvement mindset in appreciating what they are doing. Employee is priceless asset to a company and who has good employees that can be a winner in the market. Is your company looking for :


1. Is your company considering in product innovation and/or inspring your team ?  

2. How to attract multi-culature, to absorb, build up bondage among cross generations talents that lead teamates effectively communication and cooperation ? 

3. The means to adjust to rapid changes in the social, political or business environment

4. Effective responses to a new situation that could challenge your organization’s future success?

5. Support for your talent calibers  for helping them develop to their full potential?

6. A way to align your operations with your company goals?

7. A strategy that allows you to take advantage of a sudden growth opportunity?

8. New approaches to maintaining its market share and/or leader role?


It is seen more than obvious that both Consulting and Training 4.0 (for Industry 4.0) are necessary strategic investments in human resources by a corporation.  



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